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Innocence Network Conference

8-9 April 2022

Leanne recently attended the Innocence Network Conference in Phoenix, Arizona (8-9 April 2022) in which there were over 200 exonerees in attendance. The Innocence Network conference is intended to promote collective action to strive for a more just future for all and, in doing so, brings together exonerees, supporters of exonerees and advocates for the innocent who work tirelessly to prevent wrongful convictions and/or provide post-release support. Leanne says "The Innocence Network Conference was invaluable and an experience like no other I've ever had. It left me inspired and feeling fortunate and I hope to return again next year!"


Help us help the WRONGFULLY CONVICTED: Team 10K!

We are Asia, Daniela, Emily, Juliana, Leanne, Leila and Vittoria and we are raising money to help exonerees who have spent time in prison as INNOCENT PEOPLE. The funds we raise will go towards helping exonerees after they are released from prison with anything they might need, whether that be to buy food, buy clothes, join courses, or anything at all. These people have been through something NOBODY should ever have to go through… they were WRONGFULLY accused, WRONGFULLY convicted and, as a result, lost any ounce of freedom that as INNOCENT PEOPLE, we should never see taken away from us.


Asia, Daniela, Emily, Juliana, Leila, Vittoria and myself all feel that it’s high time these exonerees were given something back and we want to help in any way we can. However, we really need your help and support with our endeavour. All seven of us are going to run 10km this December (in one foul swoop!) or, to put it slightly differently, we will run 70km between us and, as we live in different places around the world, you might call our run a CROSS-CONTINENTAL RUN. Nonetheless, despite the distance, WE ARE ALL in this TOGETHER because WE ALL believe in this cause, which is to help those who were wronged by the justice system at one time or another in their lives.


We would be ever so grateful to those of you who would like to sponsor us for any amount, however big or small, and, in doing so, help us give something back to exonerees after everything they’ve been through. On behalf of us all, both us runners and the exonerees themselves that we are striving to help, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!! Your support will go a long way and it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!


Asia, Daniela, Emily, Juliana, Leanne, Leila and Vittoria

(a.k.a. The cross-continental 10k Dream Team)

Research seminars

Swansea University

Applied Linguistics/ Language Research Centre

Research Seminar Series 

13-15 September 2021

“I am not just what happened to me, I am more than an exoneree”: Analysing the discourse of wrongful convictions and the wrongfully convicted

Wrongful convictions (WCs) are notably increasing with 3-4% of US prisoners likely to be factually innocent; although this seems low, it means 69,000-92,000 innocent people are incarcerated. This paper examines WCs, drawing on (i) a linguistic analysis of the press coverage of the Central Park Five (CP5) case, whereby five teenagers were wrongfully convicted of rape and (ii) an interview with an exoneree, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years. The aims are to expose how the media may have contributed to the wrongful conviction of the CP5 and explore how one exoneree represents her experience with the justice system.


Cardiff University

Center for Language and Communications

Research Seminar 

14 December, 2021

The Marie-Curie Route

Interested in a Marie Curie global fellowship? Check out this link where Leanne Bartley provides insights into how to apply and the type of real-world opportunities such a competitive scholarship can provide.

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